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Vehicle Rental Agreement

Children’s Aid society of stormont, dundas & glengarry
RFP 2014-01

Melodie LeMoeligou

PO Box 983150 Boundary Road
Cornwall Ontario
K6H 5V1

Phone: 613-933-2292
Fax: 613-933-8186

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Child Protection Worker


  • investigate and assess referrals regarding child protection and voluntary service situations
  • to provide short term services with respect to the above and all service delivery in consultation with supervisory staff
  • to provide case planning for client services in consultation with the supervisor
  • to handle emergency admissions/apprehensions of children
  • to gather relevant information about children and their families and their psychological and social functioning and to make recommendations based on psychological assessments

Career Opportunites

We employ Child Protection Workers, Child Youth Care Workers and a number of Administrative and Supervisory positions. Our Society provides a bilingual service requiring some positions to be fully bilingual with other positions recognizing bilingualism as desirable. Educational requirements vary depending on the opportunity.

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