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Promote safe sleeping for your infant by putting the crib in your room, not the baby in your bed.

Some caregivers may believe that bed sharing will reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) commonly referred to as crib death. This is simply not true. Research shows that the risk of SIDS is higher if someone is sharing a bed with an infant. The risk increases if that person is a smoker, very tired, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Teach and Learn with your Child

Under the umbrella of the Best Start Network, we have been working as community partners to create a program to support young parents to connect with a one-stop-shopping opportunity to enrich their positive parenting, to stimulate school readiness with their children, and to have an opportunity to re-engage in their own education to boost their chances of success in the future.  Our pilot started once per week at the beginning of October 2013, and is set to end on March 19th, 2014.

By celebrating success, we create a culture of success!

Recognition is key to creating an environment of care in our Agency.  It is one way for us to say to our employees “Thank You, We Noticed”.  In 2012, we asked our employees what was important for them to be recognized for and how they wanted to be recognized.  More than 100 employees participated in a survey and then close to 30 employees attended focus groups.  We took their input and developed an informal recognition program which we launched in June 2012. 

Career Opportunites

We employ Child Protection Workers, Child Youth Care Workers and a number of Administrative and Supervisory positions. Our Society provides a bilingual service requiring some positions to be fully bilingual with other positions recognizing bilingualism as desirable. Educational requirements vary depending on the opportunity.

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