Every now and then, former Crown Ward youth may require assistance from our Society after leaving care or terminating their Continued Care and Supports for Youth Agreement.

The Society wants to provide financial support to former Crown Ward youths, as any good parent would do! We are committed to ensuring that our former Crown Ward youth have the opportunity to succeed and to reach their full potential. That is the objective of the Fund for after care emergencies (FACE).

The establishment of the FACE fund is made possible due to contributions of foster parents and staff. The FACE committee will consider every single request and prioritize them based on need, the number of requests made by an individual and the amount available in the fund.

If you are a former Crown Ward and need help, simply follow these steps to make a request: 

  1. Phone the Children’s Aid Society of SDG at 613-933-2292, or toll free at 1-866-939-9915.
  2. Ask to speak with the Screening department.
  3. Be ready to answer a few basic questions such as name, phone number, address, amount being requested, reason for the request, etc.
  4. Give the FACE committee three days to look over your request and make a decision.
  5. Wait for a call back from the Screening department who will let you know if your request has been approved. If so, arrangements will be made to transfer you the money.

If only money truly grew on trees… then we wouldn’t need FACE!