Priority #1

Recognize and commit to equity and belonging

  • Acknowledge that racism, anti-black racism and social inequity lead to overrepresentation and disparity in outcomes
  • Ensure that our services are culturally safe, support children as they develop their identity and give them a sense of belonging
  • Ensure the provision of active offer of French language services
  • Work in partnership with First Nation, Inuit and Metis communities to ensure children are cared for by their local communities
  • Support the local indigenous agency and help them build capacity

Priority #2

Encourage strong unconditional relationships

  • Continuity of Service – reduce worker changes with families, children & youth by 25% next year
  • Achieve improved compliance with regular monthly quality family visits
  • All file closure meetings include everyone connected to a family – personal & professional – demonstrated in a contact log
  • Educate & increase awareness to pursue equity in all aspects of our work
  • Enhance employee knowledge & skill in family networking, connections and developing valued role

Priority #3

Maximize child youth potential

  • Enhance educational outcomes for our youth
  • All youth will participate in development of their PATH which will include their support network
  • Create a Youth Advisory Committee
  • Develop mentorship program for youth
  • Develop Life Skills program for CCSY

Priority #4

Partner to strengthen services and supports

  • Quarterly meetings with key partners to review protocol & develop strong working relationship
Laurencrest • Probation Services • EOHU • OPP • School Boards (x4) C.S.S./Developmental Services • Cornwall Hospital • Cornwall Police
  • Offer more Triple P parenting courses in SDG – strengthen & develop new community partnerships around Triple P initiatives
  • Support Koala Place & develop the concept of Community Hub
  • Service Delivery Model (SDM) – implement yearly work plan
  • Bring more partners to the table when we are planning for high risk situations

Priority #5

Be a strong and healthy organization that demonstrates positive impact

  • Organize Staff Development Day – our journey, our SDM, importance of customer service
  • Develop Feedback Process with families & youth ending services by contacting them and asking for feedback
  • Honour the provincial indigenous commitments to truth and reconciliation
  • Continue with wellness strategy