Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) is a way of working with families that will allow the Society to receive comments from adults and youth about the service that they are receiving.

FIT is a new project that moves us forward with our goal to become more accountable and to have better connections with the families and children that we serve. It is an evidence-based approach that will ensure and improve service delivery and family outcomes. 

Having a more open conversation with the people that we are helping will allow us to develop closer and more trusting connections with them. It will allow adults and youth to have the opportunity to speak about how they feel they are doing, and what they feel may be more helpful to them.

Using FIT, we will track a family or youth’s progress as we are providing them with a service to ensure that we continue to provide the help that they need. We will be able to see our statistics on how our families are doing, and what improvements or adjustments need to be made. It is sometimes difficult to know if we are helpful with any particular family if we do not measure.

We are confident that our success in using FIT will be shown by better outcomes for the families and children that we work with. We also anticipate a lower number of families returning for service because of FIT. We look forward to sharing more great news and updates regarding our use of FIT throughout the next year.